The Princess of Snark (spudmanson) wrote in fat_bi_drama,
The Princess of Snark

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I hate those people....

I hate this person.... because they are skinny, and nice, and funny, I hate the people who have too many friends. na d you have none. and it's like they have all the really good friends and you're left scraping to bottom of the barrle and end up with a magic playing secretly gay chronic masturbater and a punk chick whose only wet dreeam is kiking your ass because you copied her hairstyle, but you didn't you were just bored in class. I wish I could jsut walk up to them all and say "Fuck you, you can't have all the good riends, and the looks and the money and the lack of confusion. YOu need to have people tell you that you are wrong, that every thing about you is fucked up, that you will never amount to anything. You need to have your hair turn green becaue of you fucking twelve dollar a bottle shampoo and have your boyfriend leave you for your slutty manipulative new kid friend, who you've secretly had a crush on since you befriended her that day on the bus in seventh grade. Fuck you and your mother who can drop everything fo ryou and your daddy with the endless wallet and your fucking church gorup and your fucking good grades, an your boyfriend who loves you no matter how many nights you puke in his car after his sister gets you drunk. Fuck you."
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