samantha beta (forever_ineros) wrote in fat_bi_drama,
samantha beta

*sings* Everyone's swinging around!

I was going to put this in my journal, but I'd rather clutter up this page:

Is everyone in the world in such great pain? It seems like just about everyone (translation: more than 4) on my friend's list is caught within the worst stage of their life. I wish I was some kind of Healing Fairy with a big fluffy bow and sparkly wand. POINK! POINK! See, the world is wonderful and happy and all the little children are playing lalalala. And then I get angry. The sparkly wand becomes a hefty sledgehammer and the cheerful grin is the grin of death. And then I get depressed. My weapon shrivels away into some kind've Freudian symbol and I just become the nothingness. Beyond that, the lust hands me a giant penile pretender that I can no longer hide behind my back and must force into the closet. For a moment, the loneliness is back, nothingness, longing. I can only draw dark circles, over and over again, all over my page, until even I must see the symbolism. And the drama ensues. I make this kind of entry, for instance. This is why I stopped keeping up with live journal (and just about everything else).
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