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i've belonged to a certain bbw group here in san diego and for the most part...i've loved it. it's freindly, warm and accepting. or at least it was until i found out something. apparently, none of the women trust to have me around their men...especially alone. now, i have not been known to mess around with taken men. now, if it is an open relationship, i have been involved with a couple years and years ago.
but some ladies (if you can call them that) told the nice woman and new friend of mine that brought me, never to leave her man alone with me. so, apparently they think i've stolen men away from people. i've messed around with like 3 men from that group. ALL SINGLE. or at least that is what they have told me. last time i went to game night and was making out (+ a bit more) with a guy, yeah, he came with someone else. but he started flirting with me i asked him how long he had been dating the girl he came with. "oh ----? no no. she's just my ride. she thoght i'd like it here and said it was fun. so she brought me." therefore, i was like "ok...this guy is ok to flirt with." he kissed me first. he even kept sitting by me...yadda yadda. but that is the closest i've come to hooking up with someone from that group that had any kind of possible ties with anyone else. and he said that they weren't dating. so what the fuck?
is this what those bitches are basing it on? they have a saying, "what happens at gamenight, STAYS at gamenight." and it can get pretty damned wild. so if the guy wasn't with anyone, no harm no foul, right?
THIS is EXACTLY why i hardly have any true female friends. they always think i go after their men. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT IF I CAN GET MY OWN DAMNED MEN?!! thankfully, the very nice lady taht gave me a ride, thought that they were very wrong to talking shit about me behind my back.
someone else there asked me about what happened bewteen david and myself. she sat there as i told her the whole story. told me one of hers and then proceeded to give me advice. which was very nice of her. as she was gettign up to go inside, she said, "well, at least you are amongst friends now." i told her, "yes. and i'm very grateful." later on i find out about the shit that was talked about my being a man-stealer or something...
now i think, "it would be if they really WERE my friends."
and i thought the bbw group would be more accepting of a woman that thinks the human body is a beautiful thing and should be shared with other like minded, single people. fuck them! it only goes to show that you can't ever tell who your REAL friends are.
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